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Level 1 / 5" drivers "Sofaital"(made in France) and tweeters "HAES"(made in Hungary)

"I am happy!

John Fricke, Costa Rica

Level 3 / FE108eS

"made of exotic hardwood, blah, blah, blah."


Gexter, Red Deer, AB, Canada

Level 1 / FE126e

"My Frugels are the best DIY full range I have ever built. They are amazing for voice"

Dr. Goran Tomljenovic, Zagreb, Croatia

Level 2a / FE126e

"Result is opened, luxuriant in details, natural sound without negative colour and impurties."

Note that this build has inspired a commercial product.

Chris Bobiak, Dave Dlugos (planet10-hifi), Victoria BC, Vancouver Island, Canada

Level 3 / modified FE126e

"these are the proof pair. they sound wonderful."

Don Austin, Royston BC, Vancouver Island, Canada

Level 0 / FE108eSigma

"I've made the driver baffle fully removeable, with an identical one fitted with the FE126E's, and a cc with adjustable volume, which is currently around 1L, with the 108's.

These horns out perform my modded B'horns in at least 2 areas, namely better defined mid-bass, and superior vertical imaging."

Tom "Peregrinari" Petz, Washington, DC, USA

Level 0 / FE126e


<clik images for larger pictures>