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Active Paticipants

  Chris Bobiak

David D's partner @planet10-hifi and builder of many prototypes (aka ChrisB)

  Ron Clarke

Setting the standard for modern BLH design (aka teaxbullfrog)

  Steven Creswell

 The Metronome

  David Dlugos

Point man of the Frugel-Horn, webmaster, hifi tinkerer (aka planet10)

  Bob Hayes

 The Dalek

  Scott Lindgren

 Much modeling & proginator of the Spawn Family (aka scottmoose)

Spiritual paticipants, role models & people who indirectly made this happen

  Terry Cain

 RIP: Set an example for diyers, built horn speakers to a standard us diyers can strive for.

  Martin King

Without Martin's quarter-wave design tools, many of the designs on these pages would not exist or would not be as good.

  Mark McKenzie

His experiments and investigations in treatment of speaker cone resonances have lead to a better Fostex driver.

  Greg Monfort

A font of knowledge on speakers and unfailing assistance to diyers everywhere

  Ed Schilling

without whose animated conversations, the testosterone fed need to develop, refine, and share our findings on the FH design project might never have fully matured.

We would like to thank all those who have donated to help maintain this site and those that have donated drivers to help development.
*(donations will be accepted and will be put towards hosting & domain costs. If we find that donations exceed these costs, they will be put towards R&D, promotions, or the furthement of diy. Donations need not be monetary (ie driver donations to further the range of builds would be cool))