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Terms of use of the designs on this website:

In the spirit (but not the detail) of the open-source community all the designs on this site are free for non-commercial use & there are minimal requirements and no royalties for commercial use. You may build any of these loudspeakers for your own use. Any enhancements, changes, tips & comments should be fed back to the site/community.

If you use any of these designs in a commercial venture there are a few stipulations:

1/ A link back to this site as the source and a credit to the designer(s)

2/ In the case of all designs but the Daleks, that you have purchased a commercial licence of
Martin King's MathCad sheets (whether you use them or not all these have MJK software in them and commercialization requires the licence)

3/ In the case of the Daleks, permission has been obtained from the designer Bob Hayes

If your commercial venture does well, some donations back to the Frugal-Horn site to further the cause would be appreciated and would be in the spirit of the community these designs are intended to serve.